Classical chorus MIDI in published. クラシック系合唱曲のMIDI公開

         [ネットでできるコーラス鑑賞へ]                    [宮古木曜会合唱団・HPへ]   
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  Classical chorus MIDI in published.                                
  The translation into English, I took advantage of
Due to low language skills, can be confirmed only by reverse translation to Japanese, please miss to a little mistakes.
  <<<<<<<<<<<<  Purpose & idea of this website  >>>>>>>>>>>>                            
                              <<<<<< このホームページのおもむき >>>>>>>>  
  Chorus Singing fan of the world, is struggling in learning to check the pitch of music.
In addition to the site manager,
 I additionally have face of hobbyists who has created a sound source of chorus practice.
And that hobby has required effort manyfold than the people who are in doing practice.
  Chorus music presented here,
 can be broadly divided into three types, in the history of leading up to published.

1. Sound source of chorus music that was required conversion into MIDI format to suit the published.
    These were created and used for chorus practice in the MML format, at the past.
         MML : Music Makeup Language.
  Chorus group as a place of practice & Enrollment period :
          (Informal name in literal translation)
    1-1 Coral friends for the Yamagata Symphony Orchestra & 2000.05~2004.03
    1-2 Miyako Thursday meeting choir & 2006.06~2009.03   

2. By to use the content of other sites that offer own MIDI,
    Sound source of Chorus music that led to the published.
    In this case, contribution of the grace of effortless data entry was great.
  MIDI providing sites :
    2-1 Ogawa Yohan's Bach SMF library (English title page)

3. Other special process.

    MML : ミュージック・メイクアップ・ランゲージ(音楽作成言語)
   1−1 山響楽友合唱団 & 2000.05~2004.03
   1−2 宮古木曜会合唱団 & 2006.06~2009.03

   2−1 小川与半のバッハSMFライブラリ

  { How to create a part-practice data }
To increase the volume of the specific chorus part of MIDI data, and reduce for another part.
  { The conditions on the use }
This site had been written in Japanese only so far.
But in the wake of the start of use of several foreign site,
 English and Japanese both written style, has started in some description parts.

By the way until now, distribution for chorus practice were only allowed.
But for the future, and in the same wake, handling will unifies in direction of alleviate this condition.
However, For content relating to the Site 2-1, I shall limit these to purpose only of listening.

Conditions is this.
1st, never approve at commercial use.
2nd, when you use, be sure to add the following guidance information.
  << Site name notation (this site + original MIDI site), link setting (or URL notation) >>
If continue with these condition, the other handling are nearly unconstrained.
(Because everyone is not so young forever)

Sample of conditional agreement range:
>>>> Modification of MIDI data.
>>>> Publish after modification (including conversion of voice).
>>>> Republish of using downloaded content.
         (However, fake republish as linking, is prohibited by reason of the after few line.)
>>>> Re-republishing of using republished content.
         (However, It's limited in the range that guidance information can attached.)

Main purpose of the site of 2-1 is to publish the MIDI files.
 In order to avoid conflicts within involved in 2-1,
  you can download for listen, but I forbid act of all the other.

Your linking from other sites, should be only to the main page.
And so, I refuse the link to lower page and the link to individual pieces of content (MP3, etc.).



>>>> MIDIデータの修正


他のサイトからのリンクは、メインページのみにする必要があります。 そして、下位のページへのリンク、およびコンテンツの個々の部分(MP3、等)へのリンクはお断りします。
  Maximum reason there is no contemporary music:
  In order to avoid the occurrence of a royalty payment obligation of copyright.
Equipment for MIDI performance:
  VSC(Virtual Sound Canvas) of software synthesizer. Alternatively, VST [Sound Canvas VA].
Tone color setting of VSC (or Sound Canvas VA):
  Conventional was SC-88. For the first time shifted to SC-88pro at version 2013.11.17.
  Since the creation in 2016, it has been transferred to SC-8820 (Sound Canvas VA).

As Roland software, the selection of the MIDI standard are OK in GS mode.
If there is a change to GM as a statement of system EX type,
 it seems to be a mechanism of changing to the GM2 mode at the receiving side.
 ソフトウェア・シンセサイザのVSC(Virtual Sound Canvas)。
 もしくは VST機能を持つ [Sound Canvas VA]。
VSC(やSound Canvas VA)の音色設定:
 従来はSC-88でした。 始めて2013.11.17版でSC-88proに移行。
 2016作成分からは、SC-8820(Sound Canvas VA)に移行済み。

  Downloadable MP3-files of Beethoven Symphony No.9   for Chorus Practice.               Add on 2014.09.27      
  //ベートーベン作曲 交響曲第9番 合唱練習用の ダウンロード可能なMP3ファイル                        
        日本で年末に唄う合唱と言えば・・・もちろん第九 ! ! !                                    
          Link to Beethoven Symphony No.9   (EXCEL worksheet style) MIDI files exists since 2014-11-03.        
  Download of   Antonio Vivaldi "Gloria (RV 589) "                       Add on 2017.11.13      
  //アントニオ・ヴィヴァルディ作曲 "グローリア(RV 589)" の ダウンロード                            
          Link to Antonio Vivaldi "Gloria"     (EXCEL worksheet style) MIDI files exists.                
  Download of  J.S.Bach [Matthaus-Passion] (BWV244)    Music piece of chorus mainly.                          
  //J.S.バッハ「マタイ受難曲」のダウンロード  主として合唱部分                                  
      Normal 4 parts has been divided further into two divisions, placed to left & right, is a song of heavy chorus configuration.             
          Link to J.S.Bach Matthaus-Passion     (EXCEL worksheet style) MIDI files exists.                
  Download of  J.S.Bach [Mass in B minor] (BWV232)    Music piece of chorus only.                          
  //J.S.バッハ「ミサ曲ロ短調」のダウンロード  合唱部分のみ                                    
          Link to J.S.Bach BWV232         (EXCEL worksheet style) Link to MIDI exists.              
   Original MIDI data site:    Ogawa Yohan's Bach SMF library     //オリジナルMIDIデータサイト:「小川与半」氏のHP        
          * * * * * *  Copying or re-distribution, etc. is strictly prohibited on this music.  * * * * * *                                  
      //****** この曲に関しては、転載・再配布等の一切を禁止とします。 ******                                      
  Download of  J.S.Bach Motet [Jesu, meine Freude] (BWV227)                     Revised in 2017.11.29      
  //J.S.バッハ「Jesu,meine Freude(イーズ、マイネ フロイデ)」のダウンロード                            
          Link to J.S.Bach BWV227         (EXCEL worksheet style) MIDI files exists.                
  Download of  W.A.Mozart [Mass in C minor] (K427)                           Add on 2013.11.17      
  //モーツァルト「ミサ曲ハ短調(大ミサ曲)」のダウンロード                       Update in 2016.10.17      
          Link to Mozart K427           (EXCEL worksheet style) MIDI files exists.                
  Download of  W.A.Mozart [Missa solemnis] (K337)                           Add on 2016.07.03      
  //モーツァルト「ミサ・ソレムニス(K337)」 の ダウンロード                                    
          Link to Mozart K337           (EXCEL worksheet style) MIDI files exists.                
  Download of  W.A.Mozart [Requiem] (K626)    Music piece of chorus mainly.                              
  //モーツァルト「レクィエム」のダウンロード   主として合唱部分                                  
  [From the repertoire of the concert in 2003, Mozart "Requiem" (version of Zen-on-score publishing company)]                
  //[2003年演奏会・モーツァルト作曲「レクィエム(全音楽譜出版社版)」の曲目リスト]       part-practice data add on 2013.10.14      
  Music files Component  Title of Music Piece midi mp3 m: s MB   Remarks  
  requiem01 T,U Introitus "Requiem aeternam." , Kyrie. #_# @     5:36    6.56    
  requiem02 V-1 Dies irae. @ zip of left   2:33    3.00    
    V-2 Tuba mirum.            
  requiem04 V-3 Rex tremendae. @ normal   2:05    2.45    
    V-4 Recordare.            
  requiem06 V-5 Confutatis. @     2:27    2.89    
  requiem07 V-6 Lacrimosa. @ for part   3:47    4.45 !!!! Be a must-listen !!!!  
  requiem08 W-1 Domine Jesu. @ Soprano   4:47    5.62    
  requiem09 W-2 Hostias. @ Alto   5:27    6.40    
  requiem10 X Sanctus. @ Tenor   1:42    1.99    
  requiem11 Y Benedictus. @ Bass    4:19    5.07 Vocal quartet + chorus  
  requiem12 Z,[ Agnus Dei. ,Communio "Lux aeterna." @     7:29    8.78    
  Total           40:12 47.21    
  * Link of the [Music files] column is mp3 of older generation by non-midi.

* In the column of [
mp3], lowercase [n] are marked at file-name.
* Toward the publish of files for part practice, I have adjusted again the sound effect of MIDI files, and re-created the mp3 files based on it.
* By the contents in the link of [] of [
#_#] mark also,
 MIDI file for part practice has been added housed in folder classification.
* In the mp3 files of each part, the adjustment to shorten the length of silence after the end of the song has been omitted.
* Music files欄のリンク先は非midiによる旧世代のmp3です。

mp3欄では、小文字のn がファイル名に付きます。
* パート練習用ファイルの公開に向けて、midiの音響効果を再調整し、それに基づいてmp3を再作成しました。
* [
* 各パートのmp3では、曲終了後の無音部の長さ短縮調整を省いています。
  Download Orchestral MIDI of  W.A.Mozart "Requiem (KV626) "                     Add on 2017.04.05      
  //モーツアルト作曲 "レクィエム(KV626)" の オーケストラ的 MIDI ダウンロード                          
          Link to Mozart Requiem            (EXCEL worksheet style) MIDI files exists.   part-practice data already added.  
  It's New Registered 3D-MIDI Contents of "Requiem" on YouTube Site.                 Uploaded at 2017.03.23  
  Requiem #01   Requiem #02   Requiem #03     Requiem #04  
  Requiem #05   Requiem #06   Requiem #07     Requiem #08  
  Requiem #09   Requiem #10   Requiem #11     Requiem #12  
  Download of  Handel [Messiah]    Music piece of chorus mainly                                  
  //ヘンデル「メサイア」のダウンロード   主として合唱部分                                    
  [From the repertoire of the concert in 2002, Handel "Messiah" (Barenreiter edition)]                              
  //[2002年演奏会・ヘンデル作曲「メサイア(ベーレンライター版)」の曲目リスト]           part-practice data add on 2013.10.19      
  Music files kinds  Title of Music Piece midi mp3 m: s MB   Remarks  
  messiah04 chorus And the glory of the Lord #_# @   3:49    4.36              
  messiah07 chorus And He shall purify @   2:48    3.20              
  messiah08 Air&chorus O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion @   2:14    2.55 Air(Alt.solo) start at 84 bar.  
  messiah11 chorus For unto us a Child is born @   4:26    5.07              
  messiah14-15 Accompagnato And Suddenly there was with the angel @   2:47    3.18 messiah14 (sop.solo)  
  chorus Glory to God in the highest messiah15  
  messiah18 chorus His yoke is easy, His burthen is light @   2:44    3.13              
  messiah19 chorus Behold the Lamb of God @ zip of left 1:32    1.74 In accompaniment, trill omitted.  
  messiah21 chorus Surely, He hath borne our griefs @ normal 1:33    1.78              
  messiah22 chorus And with His stripes we are healed @   2:18    2.64              
  messiah23 chorus All we like sheep, have gone astray @ for part 4:06    4.70              
  messiah25 chorus He trusted in God @ Soprano 3:02    3.47              
  messiah30 chorus Lift up your heads @ Alto 3:37    4.13 01~29bar: sop1,sop2 Separated  
  messiah31 chorus Let all the angels of God worship Him @ Tenor 1:51    2.11 01~05bar: Recitative(Ten.solo)  
  messiah33 chorus The Lord gave the word @ Bass 1:12    1.36              
  messiah35b chorus Their sound is gone out into all lands @   1:43    1.96              
  messiah37 chorus Let us break their bonds asunder @   2:15    2.57              
  messiah39 chorus Hallelujah @   3:54    4.45 most famous//代表曲「ハレルヤ」  
  messiah41 chorus Since by man came death @   2:04    2.36              
  messiah45 chorus But thanks be to God @   2:52    3.27              
  messiah47 chorus Worthy is the Lamb that was slain @   7:32    8.62              
  Total           58:19 66.65              
  * Link of the [music files] column is mp3 of older generation by non-midi.

* In the column of [
mp3], lowercase [n] are marked at file-name.
  (At messiah14-15 Only, the name of the older generation is different,
   and that name is [messiah15].)
* Toward the publish of files for part practice, I have adjusted again
 the sound effect of MIDI files, and re-created the mp3 files based on it.
* By the contents in the link of [] of [
#_#] mark also,
 MIDI file for part practice has been added housed in folder classification.

* As simplification of each part making work, solo part is also subjected to
 volume increase and decrease similar to the chorus part of the same type.
* In messiah30, soprano is divided into two parts, but that have been
 accommodated with the distinction in S1 and S2 the file name.
* By this publishing work of this song, adjustment shortening for length of
 silence that exists the end of the song, has been processed also to mp3
 for part-practice.
* Music files欄のリンク先は非midiによる旧世代のmp3です。

mp3欄では、小文字のn がファイル名に付きます。
* パート練習用ファイルの公開に向けて、MIDIの音響効果を再調整し、それに基づいてmp3を再作成しました。
* [

* 各パート作成作業での簡略化として、ソロパートも同種類のコーラスパートと同様の音量増減を施しています。
* messiah30ではソプラノは2部に分割され、S1とS2のファイル名で区別して収容しています。
* この曲の公開作業では、曲の終わりに存在する無音部分の長さ短縮調整は、パート練習用のmp3にも処理されています。
  Supplementary comment about song species without chorus. (within "messiah")
合唱を伴わない曲種についての補足 (messiah内)
  Symphony         (//序曲) 01                                                
  Accompagnato(*) 02, 05, 09, 13a, 14, 24, 26, 28, 42
  Recitative with accompaniment: (*)  //(*): 伴奏つきの叙唱
  Air                   (//アリア) 03, 06c, 10, 16b, 20, 29, 32c, 34a, 36a, 38a, 40, 43, 46a  
  Arioso 27, 35a                                              
  Recitative         (//叙唱) The song by soloist without accompaniment that has been inserted for the narrative.
The eight section in total is, but the serial number of pieces of song is not assigned.
  Pifa                 (//田園曲) 12                                                
  Duet 17c, 34b, 44
       34b (of a song piece) contains a chorus in the second half, but were excluded.
  Supplementary comment about the other. (within "messiah")            //その他の補足事項 (messiah内)  
  * About designation of sound intensity, Please understand that it was not reflecting on the MIDI data.
(Designation of some reflected: The weak note designation of accompaniment; The designation of staccato on voice.)
* At practice time, not to forget the conductor's instructions, memos on the score by each person is important.
* A description of the fade-out at the ending of voice-part by long note:
While this operation is not specified on the score,
 It might be a own arrangement to ease irritation to the ear.
* 音の強さの指定について、MIDIデータに反映されていないことをご理解ください。
* 練習時には、指揮者の指示を忘れないように、各人による楽譜上のメモが重要です。
* 長音符による声部終了時でのフェードアウトの説明: